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    Digg Blog: Digg Reader Update!

    And so next week we will begin rolling out Digg Reader, version 1. […] Everyone will have access by June 26th.

    来週からDigg Reader version 1のロールアウトをはじめ、26日までにみんながアクセスできるようになるとのこと。残りは「Google Reader終了まであと13日:「Digg Reader Ver.1」が6月24日に登場へ まずはGoogle Readerからのインポート重視 - ITmedia エンタープライズ」で。

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      God, what I wouldn’t give for their coding set-ups… Oh, yeah, also digg reader: give it a try.
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      Excited for this to launch.
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      Thank You Based God
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      Il nuovo servizio si candida a raccogliere il popolo orfano di Google Reader. via rethinkdigg
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